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How do I change my user name/member name?
As a security measure and to prevent abuse, we do not allow members to change their own User Name (the name they log in with/the name that shows alongside their Avatar). To Change your User Name, please fill out a NEW Support Ticket, with Change User Name in the title and a choice of THREE new User Names, in preferential order, in the body of the Ticket message.   We ask for THREE so that if any choices are unavailable, we can use your next choice.   When choosing User Names, PLEASE try to be original, as names like 'Charles' or 'John' will already have been used in the past. We do not allow duplication of names for security simplicity reasons.   Spaces and punctuation marks, or symbols, are not allowed in user names.
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Meeting Verification Process
If you need meeting Verification Notes, these are no longer by email but are available from the link, under your photo, in the 'My Profile' page.   Upon entering, OR RE-ENTERING, a meeting that you require a verification note for, please do the following;   1. Click the Big GREEN button, ' Request Attendance Confirmation' 2. READ and Confirm the pop up notice that appears as it contains IMPORTANT information 3. The button should now turn RED/ORANGE and ensures your meeting log is written 4. At the END of the meeting you MUST click the Leave Meeting button to enable Verification   Verifications are NOT available to anyone who uses a mobile device (including tablets) via browser, OR the ITR App, as this functionality was reduced by Apple AND Google a while back.   The button MUST be clicked ...
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Stopped Meeting Attendance Verification Emails?
Scenario: I have been getting my Meeting Attendance Verification in my Inbox of this email ever since becoming a member. As of December 6th, 2016 I have not received any of them anymore. I have not changed my email address on In The Rooms, but for some reason I quit getting them in my Inbox. I have checked my Spam as well, but they are not going there either. Please help me in this situation. Response: Gmail and a few other providers have started trying to use AI (artificial intelligence) to try and categorize emails in to various inboxes. With the latest release of Google Mail, GMail and any GMail provided service, our InTheRooms.com emails are either being placed in the 'Promotions' view (tab) of the inbox or being Marked as junk automatically, because of the frequency these emails are ...
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Mobile Devices and Tablets
InTheRooms.com supports both Android AND iOS (Apple) devices. However, due to the limited functionality of Mobile and Tablet browsers, ITR can only be accessed on these by utilising the InTheRooms App, which is available from both, Google Play Store (for Android devices) or Apple App Store for iOS devices.   Unfortunately it has not been possible to create a Windows Phone App at this time.   The App icon for the ITR App is a blue 'tree'. (see below) This is the App where one can attend video meetings and interact with the main website.               PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESSING InTheRooms USING A MOBILE BROWSER WILL NOT WORK.
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My avatar is upside down
If you uploaded an image from your computer to use as an avatar on ITR and it is upside down or rotated sideways, you have to use an Image Editor such as Paint for Windows or Gimp for Mac in order to rotate it to the correct way round. You cannot rotate the image on the website of ITR. Most Windows/Mac Image browsers have a rotate function enabled already. Make a note of how far the image is out of skew, and, in this case, mouse over the image or thumbnail and rotate it the image until it is right way up. (see images) Then delete the image online and now re-upload the correct image.           rotate image in application on PC      This problem can also be caused by having an outdated browser version. The image update tool relies on a script that, in turn, relies on a function. If your br...
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I cannot upload a picture
If you experience this problem, chances are that the image you are trying to upload is too big in size, or is the wrong type. Please check that your image is in a compatible format (ie jpeg, bmp, png). Solution: Resize it using an image editor such as Paint for Windows or Gimp for Mac. If this does not work and your PC is a Windows based machine, please go to www.java.com and download and install Java for Windows. Another problem may be that your browser needs updating (especially with Chrome) or Java is not enabled in your browser.
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Why is everything in the chat room, or on the site, scrambled?
ITR runs on pretty much cutting edge code. Google Chrome and Firefox have Java built-in to the program. However, this is only a very 'cut-down' version and installing Java (only for Windows/Linux based systems) enables the browser to utilise the code FULLY. Your browser stores temporary internet files on your PC to speed up website browsing. Occasionally, the design of the code or a certain aspect of ITR may get hcnaged and you notice that your browser doesn't update itself. This is due to the small chacher of files in the temporary storage that the browser uses. To clear any files you need to manually 'Empty your temporary Internet Files'. A Video Tutorial that shows you how to do this is situated at www.intherooms.com/help/main
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Why don't I receive the Daily Meditation Email anymore?
First check your SPAM or JUNK folders to see if messages are being caught there. If you use a bit of software (an email client like Outlook) to collect your mail, you may also need to check your mail from the Webmail access your provider gives you as this is your first mail server where settings can interfere. If they are not there, click on 'My Account' on the top right of the screen and check your email preferences. (Notification Settings)   To avoid items going into your JUNK mail you can add 'info@members.intherooms.com' to your Address Book, which will allow those emails to come through OK.
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How do I deactivate my account?
Some members have shown some concern about removal of their profile. 'I want to delete my account, not just de-activate it!.'   ITR profiles work in a similar way to Facebook profiles. Instead of complete removal, immediately, the profile is marked a 'INACTIVE' and becomes unsearchable and un-browsable after around 15 minutes. As long as there is NO LOGIN for a period of 60 - 90 days, the profile and data is removed from the system automatically. To access the 'deactivate my account' link please click on My Account' on the top tool bar, on the right hand side, as shown in figure 1.         ALSO WORTH NOTING is the fact that sometimes, deactivating ones' profile will NOT stop the emails from being sent until the profile is removed automatically. Therefore, it is suggested that is a member ...
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I want to stop receiving emails from ITR
On occasions, members may want to stop receiving email notifications all together. This IS possible. You can't just check the 'Receive No Emails from ITR' option box.   ALL existing notification emails must be removed from your profile BEFORE checking the Receive NO EMAILS from InTheRooms.com box. Uncheck all the email options and then click 'Save'. You can now check the Receive NO EMAILS from InTheRooms.com box and re-save your profile.   Emails will now be stopped to your account. Please allow up to 72 hours for this to filter through ALL the servers.
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I'm getting TOO MANY emails from ITR...can I change this?
Members of ITR can change their Notification settings and options within their profile:   Click on 'My Account' in the top right hand tool bar and select the 'Notifications' link. There are two sets of options you can set up here. One is for notification via the icons on the site. (The little Yellow Triangle, for profile and news feed notifications and the little White Envelope, for messages) and the other is for email of that notification.   All notification emails are sent to the email address that you have saved in your profile details. There are two columns with check boxes in them: The right hand column, if checked, will show the notification on the icon in the site toolbar, the left hand column will send that notification to you as an email.   To reduce the number of emails you rece...
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