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Stopped Meeting Attendance Verification Emails?



I have been getting my Meeting Attendance Verification in my Inbox of
this email ever since becoming a member. As of December 6th, 2016 I
have not received any of them anymore. I have not changed my email
address on In The Rooms, but for some reason I quit getting them in my
Inbox. I have checked my Spam as well, but they are not going there
either. Please help me in this situation.


Gmail and a few other providers have started trying to use AI (artificial intelligence) to try and categorize emails in to various inboxes.

With the latest release of Google Mail, GMail and any GMail provided service, our emails are either being placed in the 'Promotions' view (tab) of the inbox or being Marked as junk automatically, because of the frequency these emails are being sent out.

In all of our communications we ask you to ADD to your Junk Mail 'whitelist' filter (i.e. emails from addresses in this list are allowed to be received as they are not junk) or ADD the same address to your ONLINE contacts list or Address Book.

Email addresses added to these lists are handled as 'wanted' and therefore go directly to your inbox.

Before asking Support for copies of these emails, please CHECK your ONLINE access to your email box in the Junk folder and/or Promotional or Social Views. 

We say 'ONLINE' as opposed to Windows Mail or some such email client that is client based as any SPAM filtering or marking is done at your providers end of things so access is a must through a web browser (i.e. GMail is and log on with your email credentials) and there you will find the items we are specifying as 'ONLINE'.

'Some' providers may even send a Junk tag back to our mail server, in which case, please email us from the email address you are registered on ITR with and we'll 'unjunk' you. In cases such as these it is imperative that our email address is ADDED to your ONLINE address book

IF you do find your notifications in these folders/areas, please select them (click on them once so they are highlighted) and Right Click on the mouse and; for Junk mail items, select 'Not Junk/SPAM'; for incorrectly classified items, select 'Move to Inbox' from the menu that appears. 


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