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 Do we get Verification that we have attended a meeting?


Yes. You CAN get verification emails that are secure and accepted by many Counsellors and PO's.


When you attend a meeting via PC or Laptop and compatible browser (not available via the app!) as soon as you go into the room, click the button to the right of the Facebook button that states 'Request Meeting Attendance Verification.' and follow the instructions.

The system logs you attendance from that point on and will send out an email within 24 hours to prove attendance. You'll notice that the button changes color AND text.

IF, however, for whatever reason, your browser crashes or you make a mistake in navigation and you exit the meeting, when you return, you will need to repeat the process.

When the 'Closing Readings or Prayers' are read read out, you should click the Finish Meeting red button, for the process to complete correctly

 On your 'My Profile' page, there is a link to the meetings you have attended. Due to restrictions we can only show a certain number of these events on that list.

Emails for any meetings requested TODAY would be sent out tomorrow morning at around 5.30 am Eastern Time. It is STRONGLY suggested that you add info@members.intherooms.com to your Online address book, to save any emails going into your Junk folder.

GMail users are advised that due to Google AI technologies, if an email does not appear in your 'Primary' inbox that the email will be in your 'Promotional' view. This is accessed via the online web interface for GMail, as a TAB view on your inbox. Right clicking on such an email will allow you to select 'Move to Primary'.

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