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My Name Does Not Appear on Video when I Share!!
Can I show my name? No.   You are more than likely using one of the mobile Apps. The Apps don't have that functionality.   Also, when using a PC and supported browser; in the request to share box your name doesn't appear to you but it does to everyone else.
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Do we get Verification that we have attended a meeting?
Yes. You CAN get verification emails that are secure and accepted by many Counsellors and PO's.   When you attend a meeting via PC or Laptop and compatible browser (not available via the app!) as soon as you go into the room, click the button to the right of the Facebook button that states 'Request Meeting Attendance Verification.' and follow the instructions. The system logs you attendance from that point on and will send out an email within 24 hours to prove attendance. You'll notice that the button changes color AND text. IF, however, for whatever reason, your browser crashes or you make a mistake in navigation and you exit the meeting, when you return, you will need to repeat the process. When the 'Closing Readings or Prayers' are read read out, you should click the Finish Meeting red ...
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No one can hear me
Microphone is not working.   This could be down to several things not configured correctly on your PC/Mac. Also if this happens on the mobile app, it's either because 'Allow' was not clicked when asked, or the install has become corrupt. Please remove the app and then SWITCH OFF your phone or tablet for a couple of minutes. After a couple of minutes, please restart your device and go back to the relevant app store and re download and install the ITR App. If asked by the install, please remember to click 'Allow' in any security pop-ups that may appear.   If you are using a Windows PC, please go into the Control Panel, via the start menu and double click, or open, the 'Sound' icon. Click on the 'Recording' tab and ensure that the microphone you are trying to use is set as the default device...
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I just get a black screen or no video in the meetings and no sound
If you have  this issue, then your browser has some issues. Usually caused by extensions or add-ons that have snuck onto your computer when installing free software. Please ensure you are using the correct browser. If you are trying Internet Explorer, it MUST be version 11, 32 bit and the OpenTok plugin must be installed. Internet Explorer does not natively support our Video Meetings and media stream. This is due to Microsoft NOT supporting our technology.   Neither will Apple Safari Browser work on the video streaming.   Supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To ensure that your browser will support our video streaming and ONLY IF You have Microsoft Windows, please carry out the following.   1. Download and install Adwcleaner from here DOWNLOAD   2. Once installed, open...
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Why can't I hear anything in the Video Meetings?
The site is optimised for specific browsers, these being Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox as these browsers natively support the technology used in our site. We normally recommend Google Chrome for the best User Experience.   If you are trying to use Microsoft products, please only try to use Internet Explorer 11, the 32 bit Version, and be aware that you MUST install the plugin to watch or participate in any of the Live Video Meetings. A tutorial on how to correctly install the plugin can be found at this site.
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I cannot see or use the green buttons in the meeting
This is usually due to a lack of javascript support in your browser. Commonly it is caused by 'stale' files from the Live Meetings when previously used.   Please see 'Emptying Your Temporary Internet Files'.   If this doesn't work and ONLY if you have a Microsoft Windows PC, please go to www.java.com and dowlonad and install Java onto your PC. After installation has finished, please restart your computer and try again.   Chrome and Firefox DO support javascript, however, it's a very cut down version
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The Video / Audio is very jumpy
The Video Meetings on IntheRooms can be quite "process intensive", meaning older PC's can run the software but there is a lag or the video can be quite jumpy. To help with this situation ITR created a button in the meeting rooms that may help you. That button is "Fewer Feeds" and is situated to the right of the Facebook button, just under the main Request to Share section on the screen. Clicking this button will turn 'not crucial' feeds in the video meeting into non animated feeds. ie. it will show a profile picture instead of the video image of the member who is waiting to share. It does NOT affect the main share window, therefore releasing the processing power of each static stream, to enable the main share window to process correctly. Clicking this button again will reactivate the strea...
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