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General FAQ
How do I change my user name/member name?
Stopped Meeting Attendance Verification Emails?
Mobile Devices and Tablets
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Browser FAQ
Enable Flash on Google Chrome
Enable Flash on Mozilla Firefox
Compatible Browsers
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Website FAQ
Listening to (Video) Speaker tapes
How do I upload my own picture?
Finding and joining a group
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Messaging FAQ
Enabling/disabling Instant Messages
Sending a Private Message to another member
Video Meetings FAQ
My Name Does Not Appear on Video when I Share!!
Do we get Verification that we have attended a meeting?
I just get a black screen or no video in the meetings and no sound
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Face to Face Meeting Finder FAQ
How to add a new meeting
How to edit an existing meeting
Finding a meeting in your area
Video Tutorials
IntheRooms Video Tutorials (Settings)
IntheRooms Video Tutorials (Basic) Attending and Participation
How To.......
Allow/deny bar in Google Chrome
Request to share in Google Chrome
Empty your temporary internet files in Google Chrome
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» Articles in this category: Mobile Applications Article rated 4.6/5.0 would like to apologise to ALL members who have been using either the iOS (Apple) App or the Android (Google) App.   At the time of writing this, both Apps have ceased to function correctly whilst trying to view Video Meetings. This is due to several technical changes that have been made by the Internet BIGWIGS deciding to discontinue and change support for various technologies.   Unfortunately this has affected the functioning of our Companion App and, as of yet, the Apps are unlikely to be working soon. IS working on this and we hope to have a solution to the issues very soon   An announcement will be made as soon as a solution is available. IN THE MEANTIME we STRONGLY suggest using a PC, or Laptop, and compatible browser to access our secure site at https:/...
How To Use this Knowledgebase Article rated 5.0/5.0
Greetings, and thanks for using this Knowledgebase You can always get back to this page by clicking on 'Knowledgebase' in the quick filter menu near the top of this page. Each entry in the Knowledgebase has been created from previous helpdesk tickets that have been resolved successfully. NOTE: Due to the vast configurations of available PC's, Operating Systems (such as Windows) and Software, each FAQ has been 'generalized' so that it should work on 'most' configurations. Each FAQ section has been arranged by the type of issue that has arisen. For instance; Chat FAQ are related to issues arising whilst using the ITR Chat Rooms. The Chat Rooms are a separate product from the Video Meetings and the Instant Messaging System, or even Discussions on the main site. General FAQ contains general s...
Creating a new 'Ticket' Article rated 2.3/5.0
  In the event that an answer to your technical problem is not found here, you will have the opportunity to fill out a 'Helpdesk Ticket'. This ticket is created and sent to our support staff, who will deal with the matter promptly, entering into any correspondence regarding the issue, via e-mail.   When filling out the details on this ticket, it would be helpful to include as much information as is possible, ie. a FULL description of the issue, what happened when, and any error messages you may have been aware of. Included in this information please note what eqipment you are using, (ie PC or Mac, or Android Tablet). The Operating System (ie Windows, Linux, Apple OSX)...Which browser and version (such as Google Chrome, or Firefox) you are using and what you were trying to do, with details ...

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