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How do I deactivate my account?


Some members have shown some concern about removal of their profile. 'I want to delete my account, not just de-activate it!.'


ITR profiles work in a similar way to Facebook profiles. Instead of complete removal, immediately, the profile is marked a 'INACTIVE' and becomes unsearchable and un-browsable after around 15 minutes. As long as there is NO LOGIN for a period of 60 - 90 days, the profile and data is removed from the system automatically.

To access the 'deactivate my account' link please click on My Account' on the top tool bar, on the right hand side, as shown in figure 1.


My  Account




ALSO WORTH NOTING is the fact that sometimes, deactivating ones' profile will NOT stop the emails from being sent until the profile is removed automatically. Therefore, it is suggested that is a member is going to leave the site, ALL notifications are cancelled and 'Saved' in the profile and then 'Receive No emails from ITR' is checked and the profile saved once more.

Myaccount.png Myaccount.png

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