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How do I upload my own picture?


Profile Photo 

To upload your profile photo, please click on My Profile. In the placeholder, near the top left of the page, please move your mouse to the top right hand corner of the placeholder. (You Should See 'Edit Picture')

Choose a suitable image to upload and click on upload.

Pictures must be .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, or .png and less than 3 mb in size

Other Photos/Pictures

Pictures can be uploaded into an album, or singly onto the main feed.

Main Feed Pictures

Near the top of the page, click on 'Share Photo'. Select the photo you want to upload. Insert accompanying text and click 'Share.'



Click on My Profile and then, click on the Photos link (just to the right of the bottom of the profile image). This brings up a photos view page. Please click on 'See All'.

Across the top of the page are specific function buttons. Beneath that are your albums. On he top right corner of each album is an 'Edit' link. For editting the content of each album.

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